How to Create a Free ad Template for your listing on craigslist, ebay, and other sites. Totally free with no sign up

From the Create Template page

Select the template you would like to use for your ad. Some of the templates give you the option of selecting different colors for the background.

After selecting your template you will find available data entry options for that template. All are optional so fill in the ones that fit for your ad. Entering your business or homes for sale address will create a view map of the this location link under the main image.

Your main image is going to be the one that stands out the most and is displayed the largest. Choose this and then you may add up to 18 more images if you would like. Your images only have a 90 day life span, after that they will be removed from our servers. All Images must be in jpg format and no larger than 4mb each.

After all your information for your ad has been entered click on the Create Ad button. This will upload your images to our servers and create your ad.

Previewing your ad, this is where you get to see what your ad will look like. Below is a box filled with your template code in it. You will hightlight and copy all the code and paste into the description section of your ad. You are also given the option to email the code to yourself so that you may create your ad later.

And always upload atleast one image into Craigslist images so that your ad shows up with an image in the search results.. Your ad will display an image next to it, Listings with images get more views plain and simple.

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